About Nolan's Potter's House Ministry

Nolan Windholtz has been a professional potter for thirty years,  He has also been a born-again believer for the same number of years.  From a Catholic background Nolan, at the age of twenty received Christ as his personal savior and was baptized in the Holy Spirit.  It was during this same time he began working for a professional potter in the town of Ruston Louisianan where he was also attending college. So his Christian and pottery life got there start in the year of 1986.  


Nolan had always known he was called to ministry and in 1994 while living in Houston Tx, Nolans started working for a prison ministry that had connections throughout the state of Texas.  This is where the he developed his message and where he heard the Lord speak to him " take this message to my church" .  Even to this day Nolan loves to take this visual sermon into prisons everywhere.


Since then Nolan has been faithful to the call as he brings his prophetic/evangelistic message to believers everywhere.  This ministry has taken him around the globe several times.  Nolan made his first trips abroad in 1994-97 where he would spend several months each summer in Russia traveling throughout the nation even into Siberia.  


These Russian mission trips would always have several travel legs joined to them that would see Nolan in other nations such as Israel, Netherlands and Italy.  


Today Nolan does most of this missions work in the nation of Uganda where he has also be instrumental in establishing a pottery business in the city of Jinja, Uganda.


Nolan's purpose is to always serve the local churches with an encouraging word from the Lord.  By bringing the potters wheel into a church, he opens the visual door of the mind and heart of the believer so they might better understand their God and His Workings in their lives.  Even familiar scriptures will burst with fresh revelation as you hear and see Nolan forming the clay.  


The ministry of the clay on the potters wheel is primarily for the church, for we are both collectively and individually  "the clay on the potters wheel" (see Jeremiah  18).  But as an evangelistic tool, few things can compare to its effectiveness in attracting a crowd.  Simply put, "make pots, and they will come".  What Nolan likes to do is place the potters wheel in a public place and just start making pots.  Within a few minutes a crowd will form,  After the crowd is established, he simply begins to share with those gathered, what the clay represents.  It represents you in all your forms.  It can remain in a ditch or a pit or it can be gathered up, saved and transformed into something of beauty, purpose and value. But it must first surrender.  It is the good news visually explained in ways impossible with just words. 


Nolan is also the founder or Round Tree Pottery in America and his clay creations are sold throughout the United States in over fifty galleries. 

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