Mission In Uganda - Summer 2015


Thank the Lord for blessing me with favor and anointing in all my travels. My third trip to Uganda began on June 17th, this time flying out of Dulles Airport near Washington DC.  The Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 777 flew non-stop from DC to Addis/ Ababba Airport in Ethiopia.  From there is was a short hop to Entebbe, Uganda where my potters Tadeo and Sophie welcomed me back to Africa.  The previous year I was in Uganda for ten weeks while this years trip was scheduled for only five. My objective was to build upon the previous years work of establishing a viable pottery business within the city of Jinja Uganda where I had spent most of my time training and equipping a small team of potters.  I brought them another potters wheel as well as the components to build a pottery kiln, much like the kilns I use in the States. After five weeks I can say the mission was successful  as the quality and the productivity of the studio increased.  As I do in all my travels, I made it a point to minister as often as possible, I  traveled extensively throughout the Bosoga region of Uganda.  

 Ministering with pastor Timothy

Special thanks to Timothy Christopher of Jinja Christian Center Church and Tadeo Bwire of Lead Ministry for filling up my preaching schedule.  Once word got out that the potter had returned, there was no shortage of opportunities to preach as the excitement about the ministry spread around the region.  Preaching opportunities averaged five times a week split up between Christian Churches and Schools of which there are many as Christianity is rapidly sweeping not just across Uganda, but all of Africa. 


I have a special shout-out to my African “best friend” Pastor Fred Ojiambo  of Healing Driven Ministry.  Fred is one of the most intelligent man I know, he speaks ten languages and has been faithful to plant a church, a Kingdom expression, in the middle of the poorest areas of Uganda. It was a joy to work with him and minister at his Church and Bible College.  

With pastor Fred


Evangelistic outreaches were coordinated by Pastor Timothy Christopher who with very little money put together two impressive crusades that saw many people pray to receive Jesus “Yesu” as Lord and Savior.  When evangelizing, I always use the potters version of the sinners prayer which goes something like this,  “Heavenly Father,  you are a potter and I am a piece of clay,  i can not save myself, take my life, forgive me of my sins, put your Spirit inside of me,  shape me to be a vessel not of my design but yours.”  


Devotional with Jinja potters


The potters of Jinja adopted a new guild name, “Genuine Jinja Potters”  Last years potters are Sophie and Abdallah and Tadeo.  This year we've added a couple more potters, they are Paul, Derrick, Hasan, Justine and Maurine. 


 With pottery students


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Ministry in Uganda

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